Kick Starting with great features!

This is the first set of features to get your scripts up and running with

GitHub Integration allows you to back up, version, and import projects from your workspace by linking your account to your GitHub repository.


To facilitate debugging remote calls from hardware, provides an automatic log of all requests, showing how the request got received (parameters, headers, etc.) and the returned response. In addition, the developer can provide custom logs which can either be consulted using the provided custom tailored log viewer or by downloading and parsing using your preferred tools.

And since old habits die hard, a console logger is also directly available in your script.

Blockly Integration

Coding for IoT has never been easier! Not only did we handle the creation of APIs in the cloud, but we also made it playful. Using Blockly you will be able to create your scripts in a couple of clicks / drag and drops.

Authentication and Security

All APIs created in are signed and available only over HTTPS by default.

While we always preach for secure communications, we understand your need to use constrained devices that do not have the processing power to calculate any type of signature or do SSL handshakes, so we added the ability to expose APIs over non secure connections, using an anonymous token. But please make sure to only use it (with care) when handling non-sensitive data.

Check out the full documentation for all the features.
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Stay tuned for more news and new feature updates!