This month,’s team released several powerful new features including a complete panel of APIs that caters for all your persistence needs, the ability to install custom modules and the experimental data and API explorers.


The persistence layer got a major upgrade and now provides a full-featured NoSQL database.
While the basic structure of the document didn’t change, it got enriched with new field types (like geospatial), document and field level ACLs and simple sharding over multiple stores.
On top of the added granular security, the document’s structural and data integrity is also guaranteed using schema validation.
New modules are added in order to provide those features:
  1. The schema module, used to manage schemas, allowing you to define the type of data you expect to store for a certain business entity, along with the validation and security rules at the field level.
  2. The store module, used to manage stores which are containers under which you can logically group your documents. They offer an additional level of security on your documents by setting ACLs on the global store level.
  3. The document module, used to persist and query your data, which has been enhanced with additional features such as full-text search, document versioning capabilities, support for geospatial field type and document level ACL.

Module Management

Try out the new functionality of the module management tool, in addition to the list of curated modules distributed by, you can now install any module of your choice by importing a library from a GitHub repository.

Data and API Explorers

Discover our two new experimental tools: the data and API explorers.

The data explorer allows you to manage your application, it can be used to browse persisted data, create schemas and saved queries, manage groups, devices and users among other things.

Data Explorer

The API explorer is a tool to learn and get familiar with the wide range of REST APIs offered by It provides documentation, examples and  easy to use forms to test each API.

API Explorer

Check out the documentation for all the features.
You can always contact our support team with any inquiries on
Stay tuned for more news and new feature updates!