Chart Editor

The Chart Editor allows you to graph your data online, manage the graph and embed the visualization. The chart editor uses Google Charts, creating data visualization from scripts in your library. You can customize the source data and type of chart displayed. The chart editor is context aware and compares the script data against the requested chart type.

Google Chart EditorOnce created your graph becomes a endpoint which can be used like any other script. You can also embed the URL or copy the raw HTML for inclusion in a web page.

Finite State Machine Editor allows you to change the processing state of a machine based on conditions. This is known as defining a finite state machine. Simply put: you instruct the processing to change states based on certain triggers you define. Each trigger and the change in state is called a transition. You can use these transitions and states to affect the proper handling of events in your application. In we provide you with an easy way to create a Finite State Machine from the New Script drop-down list. You can enter your own conditions for the transitions as well as scheduling when they occur. The result is a script in your library which you can include and use in your IoT logic. Each script can contain parameters with unique values you enter. These values then correlate to events in the Finite State Machine script which trigger the appropriate change in state.

Custom Sub-Domains

Your scripts can now be as personable as you are. now supports custom sub-domains. These sub-domains are completely customizable and can reference your project, company or organization. Once enabled, your scripts will point to this sub-domain, such as, and will truly integrate with your web site or network name.

Custom sub-domains can be enabled in your Account settings. Simply enter the desired sub-domain and save.