Import Modules now makes it easier to add additional functions to your library and connect with other modules. We’ve included scripts which connect to other IoT providers and made it easy to add them from the New Script menu. Simply click the import button next to the module name to add it. The result is the functionality you need with a simple click and all the scripts live inside your own library.


Xively Connector

Xively remote services can now be integrated into your scriptr code. Xively provides the ability to securely and remotely connect devices and manage data. The xively connector facilitates easy communication between your app and the Xively API. Implementing remote integration couldn’t be easier: using the Xively connector enter your app’s account information, then implement simple statements to work with devices. There are statements to gather device information, user information and information based on time values.

Predix Connector now helps you connect to data on an even larger scale. The Predix connector allows you to work with GE’s predix intelligent environments, specifically services for traffic, parking and pedestrian planning. These services simplify data collection, allowing decisions to be made for traffic flow (both automobiles and pedestrian) and parking. Even better these services are geolocation aware, so the data is always relevant to the specifically chosen area.

Blockly “Execute” Block


While Blockly provides an easy way to visually create your script, it tends to get way too complicated, way too fast. The latest addition to the blocks is the Execute block which will allow you to preserve the readability of your script while enriching it with callouts to functions in your libraries.

To add parameters to the call script, simply add the block and fill in the value.