Great News! In this release we’re bringing you several features to enable UI development in your web based IDE. You now have a powerful way to visually present the data collected from your devices.

A new major addition is a file editor which supports multiple file types, including HTML, CSS, JS and text, which are the basic components of developing web interfaces. So you can now serve dynamic web pages complete with your own custom styling. These pages can be enabled to run on any browser.

To create a new file, click on the New Script button at the bottom of the tree. Select File, then pick the file type you’d like to create:

New File

The editor will open and start highlighting the chosen file syntax as you type. When you’re finished you can click the Run button to run the file the same as a script. Note that running the file from the IDE will serve it just as it serves it for your users. This can be handy for testing the appearance and functionality!

For a richer development experience, we’ve also added 3 popular modules:

  • Underscore.js: underscorejs is a utility library that provides a great array of functions for both your everyday and specialized programming tasks.
  • Mustache: mustache is one of the most popular logic-less templating engines used today which you can now import into your project just like any other module.
  • Hogan.js: Hogan.js is a library developed by Twitter, a compiler for the Mustache templating language, which you can also import into your project like any other module.

These are three great tools for easily visualizing the analytics data from your devices by using common and popular techniques.

With this release you now have new, powerful ways to create visualizations for all your data.  We can’t wait to see what you create!