What is MODE

Designed to help developers and arising brands delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, MODE is a cloud platform that offers the essential IoT functions such as: connecting mobile applications with hardware devices in real time. The platform provides an intuitive cloud API for devices, mobile clients and server-side applications. Particularly on that latter aspect, MODE exposes a web-hook based mechanism – to allow developers to easily integrate with the back-end logic of their applications (“Smart Modules”).


Collaborating with scriptr.io

Though MODE handles part of the needed services, such as user and device management and secure real-time access control to their APIs, the value of an IoT application still depends on the business logic, and that is where we come in.  We are collaborating tightly with MODE to complete the implementation of their smart modules by leveraging the services offered by scriptr.io (orchestration, persistence, messaging, scheduled execution, etc.). And as a result you can now implement scripts using scriptr.io and integrate them into the MODE cloud as Smart Modules.

You can read MODE’s full documentation on using scriptr.io as a smart module