Our first release of scriptr.io’s updates for 2017 is a big one, bringing you major additions to the platform, a status page and a number of new connectors.

Device, User, Group & Token Management APIs

We have complemented your current ability to manage devices, users and their tokens from the IDE with the ability to manage them using your own scripts. To do so, use the newly released device and user modules that provide you with CRUD operations, in addition to token management functions.

For more flexibility in managing access rights to your resources, we also introduced the group module for organizing your devices and users into groups, so you can manage their security permissions easily.

Command Line Tool

Discover our latest debugging tool, the scriptr.io terminal, which is a command line interface where you can invoke your scripts using different protocols and methods across different accounts. Learn about the supported commands here.

Website Updates

You can now instantly check the health of the scriptr.io platform by accessing the status page where any scheduled maintenance, notifications and incidents will be communicated to our users.

And do not forget to regularly check our connectors page as we are frequently adding new connectors to IoT devices and platforms that simplify and streamline the way you access them from scriptr.io by offering native functions that you can directly integrate into your own scripts. Here is a list of the newest connectors that we added:


Orbiwise is an IoT company that offers a full network software solution for LoRaWAN-based networks, which can scale to support millions of devices. Orbiwise’s network server connects loRaWAN devices to the outside word, either through API exposed by the server or through packet propagation (invocation of callbacks registered at the server).


Verizon’s ThingSpace is your gateway to a simplified IoT workspace for prototype through production. You have 24×7 access through a single, consolidated portal to everything you need to bring your IoT solutions to life, and to market.

Cisco Flare

Cisco Flare allows users with mobile devices to discover and interact with things in an environment. It combines multiple location technologies with a real time communications architecture, to enable new kinds of user interactions. Our connector is built to simplify and streamline the way you access Cisco Flare APIs from scriptr.io, by providing you with five components that you can use in your scripts.


Sierra’s Airvantage is a cloud-based application facilitating M2M service delivery consisting of the AirVantage Management Service M2M device management application, and AirVantage Enterprise Platform for collecting, sharing, and integration of machine data using API standards, as well as development and deployment of M2M applications. By offering you this connector, we hope to encourage developers to use aivantage in combination with scriptr.io.


NOAA Climate Data Online (CDO) provides free access to NCDC’s archive of global historical weather and climate data in addition to station history information. These data include quality controlled daily, monthly, seasonal, and yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, wind, and degree days as well as radar data and 30-year Climate Normals.

Microsoft Cognitive API

Cognitive Services are a set of rest Apis that Enable natural and contextual interaction with tools that augment users’ experiences using the power of machine-based intelligence.

Electric Imp

Electric Imp offers an innovative and powerful Internet of Things platform that securely connects devices with advanced cloud computing resources. Electric Imp provides a fully integrated hardware, OS, security, APIs and cloud services. The Electric Imp platform enables innovative commercial and industrial applications and empowers manufacturers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.


Mojio is an on-board diagnostics service in which you access to a great deal of data about the driver and their vehicle to create apps and services to improve the end user experience.Mojio has an open platform that is completely scalable and hardware agnostic, Mojio provides all the elements needed to launch your connected car service. And Mojio has many Apis that are sufficient to control the users, their vehicles, and the vehicle trips.