IoT devices are usually constrained with limited processing capability and memory making it impossible to code complex integrations and business logic inside the device. These tasks are typically delegated to back-end servers and exposed to the device via API. Centralizing code provides another important advantage, as it can be updated as frequently as needed without having to touch any of the deployed devices, making maintenance, bug fixing and product software updates much cheaper.

Building the back-end from scratch and having to maintain the plethora of components (application, database, messaging etc.) and to manage the lifecycle (deployments, scaling, backup, upgrades etc.) could be an overkill to feasibility and profits. The exercise will definitely strain limited resources that shouldn’t be wasted on reinventing the wheel when possible.

Welcome to, the platform that will allow you to cover your IoT back end needs quickly & cost effectively! We want to make the lives of consumer and industrial IoT device and platform makers easier and much more productive!

In the following example use case, let’s assume that for a hypothetical cold room provider, maintenance personnel need to be notified about certain temperature conditions¬†at the freezers. An internet connected thermostat installed inside each will sample the temperature at set intervals and send the values to

if (request.parameters.temperature > -8) {
        "Freezer:" + request.parameters.freezerId, "It's getting hot in here", 
        "Do something!")
else { 
     if (request.parameters.temperature > storage.local.lastTemp) 
           "Freezer:" + request.parameters.freezerId, "My temperature is rising", 
           "just FYI")
storage.local.lastTemp = request.parameters.temperature

return "Hello Device!" // Optional courtesy : )

The java-script code above will do the job, it can be copied and pasted right into the IDE to create immediately an http end-point that can be invoked by the the internet connected thermostat the following way:

curl -X POST  -F temperature=-10 -F freezerId=hotelAntarctica -H 'Authorization: bearer YOUR_TOKEN' '' is a very powerful back-end platform that provides tremendous flexibility and power. We hope you’ll find it useful for your application. You’ll understand how great this is after you’ve created your first script/web-service. To check it out, you can register here.

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The current feature-set is just the beginning, we will be introducing a lot of goodies regularly and making the announcements on this blog.

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