GitHub Compare Editor

This February we released a great new feature for improving your GitHub experience – the compare editor! It allows you to view your script’s working copy and its GitHub version side by side, highlighting the differences in both, and giving you the option to merge them one by one. And this is just the start! Our team is currently working on a set of cool new editors that will be released over the next couple of months.

New Connectors

We have also introduced new connectors to, Initial State, and Xee to simplify accessing their API’s from is a comprehensive data analytics service for the Internet of Things. Using this connector, it is very easy to send devices and applications data to your account and run any query to generate actionable information. 2. Initial State is an IoT data analytics and data management service that turns sensor and event data into information that matters. We added a connector that allows you to easily send device events into event buckets and use them to create dashboards and statistics for your application. You can check our example on how to use the and Initial State connector on a precision- farming application. 3. Xee designs and sells a device that turns any vehicle built after 1996 into a connected vehicle, giving users access – through APIs – to a multitude of data generated by their vehicles. This connector provides you with a few native objects that you can directly integrate into your own scripts. Thus, allowing you to create sophisticated IoT applications.

Node.js and JavaScript SDKs In addition, if you are using Node.js and JavaScript on your devices, you might be interested in checking our

Node.js and JavaScript SDKs, which wrap the communication with’s APIs and expose it as native objects to your client apps! Stay tuned for more news and new feature updates! Check out the full documentation for all the features. You can always contact our support team with any inquiries on