This tutorial guides through the step by step process of connecting your Wittra account to, and visualizing the Wittra device data on a map and a dashboard. With the few simple steps below, you will have an application running on which you can modify and scale to cater to your enterprise solution needs.

  1. Register to and confirm your email
  2. Login to creatr, a step by step wizard that will guide you through the integration with Wittra and application creation
  3. Click the Get Started button
  4. Under IoT Platforms, select Other Platform
  5. Enter a name for your platform, select My platform will push the data to a script then click Next

  6. In the protocol section screen, copy the Url, scriptName and Authorization token displayed under the HTTP protocol option. You will use them to build the webhook URL that you will use in Wittra. These 3 parameters should be combined as follows:
    Url + scriptName + “?auth_token=” + Authorization
    Once combined, the webhook should look similar to the below:
  7. Click Next twice until you reach the Visualize your data step where you should click Visualize
  8. In this step, you need to add the variable names that you are going to send in the payload. Enter them in the Input JSON field on the left, then switch to the Graph view to map the input variables to the output variables
  9. Once you’re done with the mapping, click Next to start the installation of the Smart Container application
  10. In the last screen, click Start Demo to open your application. You can log in to it using the credentials admin / admin. Once you start sending data to, you will see the devices on the map.