This guide will cover the following PC software commands for the Compagno board software.

Table of Content

  • Boot up
  • Sensor Commands
    • co2-read : read CO2 and RH/T Module
    • tvoc-read: read TVOC Sensor
    • gps-read: read GPS coordinates
    • pm-read: read particulate matter sensor
    • Grid Eye commands:
      • grideye-raw-read: Shows the raw data from the sensor.
      • grideye-float-read: Shows the temperature in each point from the sensor.
      • grideye-software: Command for using the Panasonic GUI.
  • NFC Commands
    • nfc-tag-write: NFC write command
    • nfc-read-text: NFC read text command
    • nfc-read-sms: NFC read SMS command
  • Cube MEMS
    • stwin-read-sensors: Command for reading STWIN sensors
  • Cube MIC
    • read-max-mic: Digital and Analog Microphone maximum environmental noise

Boot up

This section will explain the boot up stages which comprise the following:

  1. First it will detect if it is connected to a PC or a charger
  2. It will scan the I2C bus to search all the sensors
    • Example using Sensirion PM SPS30
    • Example using Panasonic PM SN-GCJA5
  3. It will initialize the following:
    • C02 Sensor, SCD30 (Sensirion)
    • tVOC Sensor, SGP40 (Sensirion)
    • GPS TESEO-LIV3F (ST Micro)
    • Particulate Matter sensor
      • SPS30 (Sensirion), or
      • SN-GCJA5 (Panasonic)
    • Grid Eye AMG8833 (Panasonic)
  4. Now it will initialize 2 Motion Sensors and 2 Environmental Sensors from the STWIN board
    • ultra-low-power 3-axis magnetometer (IIS2MDC)
    • 3D accelerometer + 3D Gyro iNEMO inertial measurement unit (ISM330DHCX) with machine learning core
    • relative humidity and temperature sensor (HTS221)
    • digital absolute pressure sensor (LPS22HH)

  5. After finishing the initializations, a FreeRTOS command prompt is shown. You can type help for the list of available commands.

Sensor Commands

The FreeRTOS CLI Commands for the sensors are:

  • co2-read: reads the Carbon Dioxide Sensor SCD30. This Sensirion sensor also has its own temperature and humidity sensor.
  • tvoc-read: reads the Indoor Air Quality Sensor SGP40
  • gps-read: reads the GPS data
  • pm-read: reads the Particulate Matter Sensor
    • Sensirion SPS30
    • Panasonic SN-GCJA5
  • grideye-raw-read: reads raw data from the Grid Eye Sensor. It shows the decimal value for each one of the 64 infrared cells.
  • grideye-float-read: reads and converts to Float the Grid Eye Sensor. It shows the temperature of each one of the 64 cells.
  • grideye-software: it implement the protocol for Panasonic Grid Eye Software. After executing this command disconnect Teraterm to run the GridEye Evaluation Software from Panasonic. You can return to Teraterm at any time and press the letters q or Q, to exit the grideye mode.

    Download from the Panasonic app from this link, section Desktop Software for Windows option Temperature Viewer to see the real-time temperature at each point of the grid.

NFC Commands

The FreeRTOS CLI Commands for NFC are:

  • nfc-tag-write: writes a web link that can be read from any cellular phone with NFC capabilities
  • A message can be written to the NFC with the application NFC Tools from Android or iOS, one SMS message or one Text message. It can’t read both at the same time.
    • nfc-read-sms: reads SMS message
    • nfc-read-text: reads Text message


Use the following STWIN sensor command:

  • stwin-read-sensors: reads Acc, Gyro, Magn, Temp, Humidity and Pressure sensors

Cube MIC

Use the following STWIN sensor command:

  • read-max-mic: shows the maximum environmental noise taken from the digital and analog microphones