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Author: Malek Ascha

Monitoring Air Quality using Foobot and scriptr.io

Foobot is a smart air quality sensor that can monitor the levels of various toxic compounds in the environment, as well as other data such as temperature and humidity. All the data it collects gets automatically uploaded to the cloud where it’s available through their API. I used scriptr.io’s Google charts feature to create a live chart that shows the data collected by my Foobot in the past 24 hours. Let’s take a look at how I designed it. An API key is required to use their API, so I stored mine in a scriptr.io file at foobot/config so that...

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Deep Dive Into Scriptr.io-Powered IoT Dashboards and Visualizations

Scriptr.io has an expansive data visualization module powered by Google Charts. It makes producing visualizations incredibly convenient, and, like everything else on scriptr.io, all of your work is instantly deployed and ready to use as soon as its made. I’m going to walk you through how I made this demo of scriptr.io charts. I used traffic data collected by smart sensors in Aarhus, Denmark that monitored the number of vehicles that came by every 5 minutes and their average speed to make the visualizations. All five charts in the demo use the exact same data. This is one of the big advantages of the...

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Innovation at NASA Space Apps Hackathon Sponsored by scriptr.io

The weekend of September 17th, scriptr.io sponsored the NASA Space Apps Next Gen hackathon in Manhattan at eBay headquarters. All of the competitors were high schoolers (and one very sharp seventh grader) who had access to hardware such as Intel Edison boards and a 3d printer. Read on to learn more about some of the impressive projects they came up with: Lux Deluxe Anthony Autera, Zarir Hamza and Matt Chou made Lux Deluxe, a hat equipped with an Edison board that monitors the vitamin D levels of the person wearing it. If the wearer didn’t spend enough time outside, they...

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Lifeline, powered by scriptr.io, wins 1st place at AT&T Hackathon

On the weekend of July 15th, AT&T held their immersive tech expo, Shape, providing a rich experience filled with fun inspiring inventions and notable speakers discussing the future of tech. It was held at historic AT&T Park and drew thousands to see the future of VR, IOT, and more. AT&T also demonstrated their exciting new technologies such as AT&T Drive, a set of smart controls for your car, AT&T Digital Life, a way to control your home from your smart device, and AT&T M2X, their state of the art data management system for IOT. Co-located at Shape, AT&T held a hackathon aimed...

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