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Author: Lina Moubarak

Scriptr.io and Critical Minds Advisory Announce Partnership to Connect IoT Data to Enterprise Applications

Scriptr.io, an IoT (Internet of Things) application development platform company, announced a partnership with Critical Minds Advisory, LLC, (Critical Minds) a leading enterprise technology consulting firm that offers enterprise integration and development services to a broad range of clients. Together, Critical Minds and scriptr.io are helping to accelerate IoT adoption in the market, bringing unique applications opportunities to the enterprise faster and easier than ever before. “Scriptr.io is very efficient at handling the interactions with IoT device platforms through its many connectors and protocol bridges, and also at facilitating the implementation of the IoT data transformation and structuring processes...

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scriptr.io and Stream Technologies enter into a Commercial Agreement for Delivering End to End IoT/M2M Solutions

scriptr.io and Stream Technologies have entered into a commercial agreement to combine the capability of the IoT-X connectivity enablement & billing platform with scriptr.io IoT application platform to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to develop, deploy and support complete solutions in the fast expanding IoT/M2M market. Nigel Chadwick, Stream’s CEO commented, “The capabilities vested in the respective teams of scriptr.io and Stream are a game changer. The full integration of our platforms results in a unique end to end solution offering to the increasing number enterprise clients seeking services to enable their own scaling and acceleration of...

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The SmartConnected Roadshow NYC – Mar 25 2016

On March, 25 2016, we had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the IoTCentral Meetup, SmartConnected Roadshow in NYC . The presentations focused around how IoT and telecom are “becoming an integral part in key industries such as energy, logistics, healthcare, consumer electronics, manufacturing and building automation.” CEO Rabih Nassar, and CSO Tom Gilley presented scriptr.io emphasizing on interoperability challenges & opportunities between connected devices platforms and how scriptr.io simplifies that process. scriptr.io provides an elegant and efficient interoperability solution for protocol conversion, data filtering, data transformation, business rules application and social & enterprise integration. You can...

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February 2016 Updates

GitHub Compare Editor This February we released a great new feature for improving your GitHub experience – the compare editor! It allows you to view your script’s working copy and its GitHub version side by side, highlighting the differences in both, and giving you the option to merge them one by one. And this is just the start! Our team is currently working on a set of cool new editors that will be released over the next couple of months. New Connectors We have also introduced new connectors to Keen.io, Initial State, and Xee to simplify accessing their API’s...

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July Updates

We went full on social with our latest release! We recently integrated Social Media into our platform that allows you to: Perform any action to Twitter from tweeting to retrieving a user’s home timeline through a simple script. Send messages on your or others timeline, post comments, like, or execute any Facebook command you wish to do. We couldn’t just leave Blockly behind. So now you can also perform the mentioned commands on Twitter and Facebook using blockly. In addition to blockly’s new Social Media integration, we added some new blocks for you to tinker with as well as enhancing our existing blocks and making...

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