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Author: Karim Saikali

Importing scripts from GitHub

As you might already know, we provide many connectors to IoT devices and APIs on the market. These connectors are available in our public GitHub repository. If you are not yet familiar with scriptr.io, you might be interested in reading this short tutorial that explains how to import scripts from a Github repo into your scriptr.io account. Import the code to your scriptr.io workspace In order to import script.io scripts from GitHub to your workspace, you need to connect to GitHub as scriptrdotio. From the the scriptr.io workspace, click on your username (top left corner of the screen) then...

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Leveraging Initial State for your IoT analytics

IoT applications involve the collaboration and orchestration of many – different – devices, many of which produce a large amount of data stemming from the sensors they ship with. In most cases, these data have a vital importance for the organization that is running the IoT application: Data can be used to build dashboards to monitor the behavior of the concerned devices or to monitor the environment where the devices are operating, allowing for the identification of potential glitches and reacting accordingly, Running analyses on the available historical data can lead to the identification of event patterns and to...

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Kinoma Create now supports JavaScript 6

Kinoma Create, for fast prototyping IoT devices Kinoma Create is a very interesting device for fast-prototyping IoT solutions. Coupled with it’s IDE Kinoma Studio and the underlying development kit, Kinoma simplifies the implementation of IoT applications on the device side. Makers who are familiar with JavaScript should definitely adopt it, especially that Kinoma Create is now shipping with JavaScript 6 support! Showcasing some of the new JavaScript 6 features At scriptr.io we have been early adopters of Kinoma Create and we are excited to be able to leverage JavaScript 6 on the device side. So, in the remainder of...

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The role of the IoT in precision farming

Precision farming Precision farming – also called precision agriculture, smart farming or smart agriculture – has been around since the late 90s and stems from a simple observation: over the past few decades, in order to cope with ever expanding demand on productivity, farmers have been dealing with fields that grew larger and larger. Most of the time however, the latter are treated as single uniform areas, without taking into consideration potential local variations of different factors such as soil types, availability of nutrient, temperature, etc. This often results in non-optimized use of resources such as water, fertilizers, or...

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Implementing real-life IoT solutions (is why you need scriptr.io)

Growth of the IoT market: the good and the less good Technology regularly introduces new paradigms, advances or improvements that create a huge hype around them, boosting the market, creativity and competition. The Internet of Things is one of these, according to the numerous studies and forecasts that have been conducted, and proven to be quite true so far. As it is usually the case when this happens, the number of topic-related products and gravitating services starts increasing, and in the specific case of the IoT, every day brings a new player in the different market segments: prototyping, platforms,...

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