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Author: Karim Saikali

IoT platforms to support Closed Loop PLM

About Product Life-Cycle Management Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the life-cycle of a product, starting from its inception to the product design and manufacturing, product use and maintenance, ending with the product decommissioning and recycling. PLM and PLM systems are meant to control the information and activity flow from the beginning of the product’s life to it’s end. PLM’s objectives are to transform any information that is collected at the various stages into knowledge, so it can be used to improve the quality, efficiency and the sustainability of a product and the services that related...

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Build Large Scale IoT Applications with ARM mbed Iot Platform and Scriptr.io

About ARM’s IoT platform ARM’s mbed IoT platform is a cloud platform to develop Internet of Things applications and embedded devices. The platform exposes multiple interesting tools and services, such as notably device management or device connectivity via its mbed Device Connector service, which allows connecting IoT devices to the cloud platform. Using ARM’s device connector and ARM’s mbed Client, devices operated by ARM’s mbed OS become reachable through REST APIs calls using the Device Connector service’s APIs. Using Scriptr.io for orchestration, data transformation and interoperability ARM’s IoT platform provides full support for over 100 mbed-enabled boards and development...

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Analyze IoT events with Keen.io

Leveraging IoT Data IoT applications generate loads of data stemming from the devices and the services they involve. Because data is issued in (near) real-time from a wide range of sources (e.g. wearable devices, home, vehicles, urban equipment, services, etc.), it holds the promise of unlocking tremendous opportunities, such as improvements of products and services quality or the creation of new business models, thanks to an increased knowledge of the applications’ environment. However, without the ability to turn it into actionnable information, this huge amount of data is just “noise”. Therefore, IoT applications should first be able to process...

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Interact with your Honeywell devices

A connected home with Honeywell Honeywell has been successfully providing best of breed solutions in a large variety of sectors for many years. It has notably addressed the consumer home sector and more recently, the connected home, by providing the market with connected and smart devices (thermostats, wireless doorbells, light timers, etc.) In order to encourage the implementations of smart home applications, Honeywell also started exposing the features of some of its devices through APIs and more specifically, its Total Connect Comfort thermostats (TCC), which we wrapped into a connector that you can use from within your scriptr.io scripts....

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Incorporate Cradlepoint’s ECM Features Into Your App with Scriptr.io

About Cradlepoint Cradlepoint is a global market leader in 4G and LTE solutions that combine wireless first class routers and cloud-based device management for a wide range of industries and domains. Cradlepoint notably provides a very interesting cloud-based management platform, called ECM, used to deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically distributed locations. Among the many interesting features of the ECM is the availability of an API that provides developers with the building blocks needed to implement bespoke applications that access the data of their Cradlepoint devices. Cradlepoint connector As we’ve done it with other interesting IoT solutions providers...

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