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Author: Karim Saikali

Integrating Syrus 4 with Scriptr.io

About This tutorial describes how to integrate the Syrus 4G IoT Telematics Gateway to your scriptr.io account to build IoT applications. NOTE: The content has been suggested by DCT Getting Started First, please check the Getting Started section of the Syrus 4G IoT Telematics Gateway documentation Make sure you have created an account on scriptr.io Create an ingestion script on scriptr.io Login to your scriptr.io workspace and paste the below code into a new script that will ingest the data sent by the gateway and persist it scriptr.io’s NoSQL data store: var payload = request.body; var document = require("document");...

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Connecting to Azure IoT Hub from scriptr.io

About Azure IoT Hub Azure IoT Hub is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that targets the IoT by providing device registry, data storage, and security services. IoT hub establishes bi-directional communication with connected devices, using different protocols (MQTT, AMQP and HTTP). It also provides a service interface for IoT application development. Prerequisites: In the following we assume that you already have created an Azure IoT Hub account and that you have created at least one device for which you generated an access Key. For more on this topic, kindly refer to the following links: IoT Hub getstarted, Control...

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Bus monitoring using Everyware and scriptr.io

About this blog post In this post we describe how to install and use a simple bus monitoring application that combines the capabilities of Eurotech’s Everyware platform with some of scriptr.io’s features. The application mainly consists of a dashboard that displays real-time metrics sent by Eurotech PCN devices installed on a bus, and their historical values. For the sake of simplicity, we will replace the physical devices with virtual devices defined using a simulator provided by Eurotech. You can watch the video on Youtube The bus monitoring application Bus metrics are published by the PCN device (or the simulator)...

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Pushing data from Meshlium Gateways to scriptr.io

Libelium and scriptr.io partnership Scriptr.io has recently been certified as a Libelium cloud partner. This means you now have the option to configure your Meshlium gateways to send the data they receive from their sensor nodes to your scriptr.io accounts, where it can be processed, leveraged within business rules and processes, and/or forwarded to other systems Libelium is one of the major actors of the IoT hardware market. The company offers a wide range of devices, stemming from sensor-equipped nodes (around 130 sensors); to IoT gateways (Meshlium) that support multiple communication protocols; to cloud services for device management or...

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Use MQTT to communicate with your Airvantage devices from scriptr.io

About AirVantage AirVantage is a very interesting IoT platform from Sierra Wireless. Among the features it exposes, we notably find device management; monitoring and alerts; and data storage capabilities. The platform seamlessly integrates with Sierra devices (gateways and routers) and uses MQTT for communicating with third party hardware. Last but not least, AirVantage also exposes most of its features through an extensive REST API, part of which we wrapped into a connector, described in a dedicated post in this blog. In the current article, we explain how to use our connector and scriptr.io’s bridges to communicate with your AirVantage...

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