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Author: Karim Saikali

Bus monitoring using Everyware and scriptr.io

About this blog post In this post we describe how to install and use a simple bus monitoring application that combines the capabilities of Eurotech’s Everyware platform with some of scriptr.io’s features. The application mainly consists of a dashboard that displays real-time metrics sent by Eurotech PCN devices installed on a bus, and their historical values. For the sake of simplicity, we will replace the physical devices with virtual devices defined using a simulator provided by Eurotech. You can watch the video on Youtube The bus monitoring application Bus metrics are published by the PCN device (or the simulator)...

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Use MQTT to communicate with your Airvantage devices from scriptr.io

About AirVantage AirVantage is a very interesting IoT platform from Sierra Wireless. Among the features it exposes, we notably find device management; monitoring and alerts; and data storage capabilities. The platform seamlessly integrates with Sierra devices (gateways and routers) and uses MQTT for communicating with third party hardware. Last but not least, AirVantage also exposes most of its features through an extensive REST API, part of which we wrapped into a connector, described in a dedicated post in this blog. In the current article, we explain how to use our connector and scriptr.io’s bridges to communicate with your AirVantage...

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Connect your kitchen using Nebula 2.0, STM32 and scriptr.io

Connected Kitchens Connected kitchen appliances have earned some attention over the past few years. Interesting potential applications have emerged, such as for example, using analytics and machine learning to analyze the content of fridges and identify consumption patterns, in order to refine the supply chain and better match demand to supply. At a lesser sophistication degree, there are also many use cases where connected kitchens bring value, such as preserving food safety, monitoring cooking processes or controlling power consumption. In this blog, we describe the implementation of a connected kitchen prototype specifically addressing food safety and the monitoring of...

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Queuing tasks with scriptr.io

Message based IoT applications Many applications in the IoT are not transactional by nature and do not adopt a request-response communication pattern, i.e. they do not require returning an immediate response to the emitter of the request (a device or a client application). Rather, these applications imply some kind of batch or long-running processing that would block the caller for an unacceptable amount of time. For example, devices that send data to the back-end that in turn injects it into a decision making or analytics process, should not have to wait for the process to complete. In that situation,...

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Publish/subscribe with scriptr.io

About the Publish/Subscribe model Publish/subscribe is a well known communication pattern where a sender (called a publisher) broadcasts messages to multiple receivers that declared their interest in the type of messages sent by the publisher (hence they are called subscribers). Messages are usually published to and consumed from a topic to which the receivers are subscribed. Resorting to publish/subscribe allows you to adopt an event-based programming style, and brings some advantages to your design, mainly decoupling (publisher and subscriber do not have to be online at the same time) and scalability, to some extent. The core artefact to use...

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