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Author: Julien Mrad

August 2016 Updates

For this month release, we tackled security & resource access management which are a major concern for IoT applications that is often overlooked. We also added support for powerful native NoSQL persistence that works right out of the box! Device Directory and Access Control List We added higher granularity to our Access Control List (ACL) model to offer full control over who/what can access scriptr.io resources. You start by creating a device from the Device Directory by entering a name and a description, which will generate an associated access token. You have to send the access token with each request to identify...

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July 2016 Update

Great News! In this release we’re bringing you several features to enable UI development in your scriptr.io web based IDE. You now have a powerful way to visually present the data collected from your devices. A new major addition is a file editor which supports multiple file types, including HTML, CSS, JS and text, which are the basic components of developing web interfaces. So you can now serve dynamic web pages complete with your own custom styling. These pages can be enabled to run on any browser. To create a new file, click on the New Script button at the bottom of the tree. Select File, then pick...

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January 2016 Updates

Our latest release of scriptr brings about a bunch of improvements devoted to enhancing the use of scriptr.io. We removed some mundane tasks to allow the developers to focus on their applications and increase their efficiency. So we introduced WebSockets, publish/subscribe pattern and automatic GitHub deployments. WebSockets As real-time communication became a common requirement for IoT, we decided to add WebSocket support which enables a full duplex communication model over HTTP where your connection will remain open allowing your messages to flow from scriptr.io to your “things” and vice versa. Using WebSockets deserves its own separate post which will...

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