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Author: Ed Borden

Scriptr-powered app wins runner up at IoT World 2016 Hackathon

The IoT World Conference, which ran from May 10-12 in Santa Clara, was a full-on scriptr-fest! At our own booth we were demoing an integration with the Lorauino from our partner Gimasi. At other booths on the floor, our partners Multitech and Stream Technologies were showing another demo we developed demonstrating how scriptr.io facilitates the monitoring and management of live LoRa sensors. Tom Gilley sat on a panel talking IoT security while I (@edborden) participated in the IoT for Cities Hackathon. The IoT for Cities Hackathon had some great anchor sponsorships from GE and Pitney Bowes, with the mandate to...

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Hacking Nest with Voice Control at HackRU

This past Saturday, April 16, we sponsored the HackRU hackathon at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. We hacked all night alongside the 1000 students who attended the event inside the Rutgers Athletic Stadium. We brought tons of hardware to play with — Multitech LoRa gateways and motes connected to The Things Network, tons of sensors, and Espruinos. We brought some easy to deploy libraries for quick connections to services like InitialState and Wit.ai. The event was a great opportunity to get our solderin’ on, experiment with up and coming tech, and demo Scriptr to the hordes. The next...

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Dredging the Internet of Swamps

It’d be pretty hard right now to show someone an Internet of Things if you see the Internet as a vast interconnected system of flowing information. I used to get my grad students excited with stuff like “We’re going to put HEARTS on the Internet!” — as in, the heart muscle via some embedded connected device. Heart data, in all of its various forms individually and aggregated across populations could have almost infinite utility if it could be plucked out of the air on demand. But alas, hearts will never quite be “on the Internet” — and by that...

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