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Author: Ed Borden

How To Get Data Flowing from Microsoft Azure to Scriptr.io

Azure IoT Hub, Microsoft’s core IoT module, is a relative newcomer to the IoT Platform landscape (only publicly released in February of this year). This module mainly adds device management capabilities to Azure, and so it would become the main point of entry for any IoT deployment. The IoT Hub acts as an extension of Azure’s Event Hub, basically a messaging bus triggered by device activity. Read on for a tutorial on how you might tie into the IoT Event Hub on any Azure deployment and get data flowing to Scriptr, where you’d be able to take advantage of...

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Scriptr.io powers “Best in Transportation” winning app at Hack Red Hook

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in one of the most well-run, well-equipped, and well-intentioned hackathons that I’ve ever been a part of, Hack Red Hook in Brooklyn, NYC. This was a civic hack aimed at bringing together local stakeholders in the community of Red Hook with technologists and designers from outside the neighborhood. Hosted by Pioneer Works, an organization in support of collaboration, art, and education for the community, about 100 hackers descended on the waterfront to tackle topics such as flood emergency response, lighting infrastructure, crime, and citizen outreach. Using scriptr.io as a backbone,...

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Using scriptr.io to Cache Third-Party Data and Refresh on Demand

Does your application make use of third-party datasets that augment your own information or services? In many cases, those third-party datasets come from API’s that aren’t real-time or are expensive to access. Using scriptr.io integrated storage and scheduler, we can build a system that caches that data and automatically refreshes it on a set interval. Read on for an example that utilizes NYC’s Open Data to illustrate. NYC’s Open Data is an initiative by NYC to make as much data publicly accessible as possible to power “smart city” applications. There are 1300+ datasets available, in various formats and ranges....

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Connect to Firebase Real-time Storage from scriptr.io

Firebase recently got a huge upgrade from Google, with a slew of new services and tighter integration into the overall Google ecosystem. I’ve been a big fan of Firebase for years, specifically since they have a really nice integration with EmberJS via Emberfire. This lets you streamline frontend development in a huge way since Firebase’s storage syncs automatically to the client data model with essentially no boilerplate code — it’s all there in the client libraries for you. Boom. I recently blogged about an application from the IoT World Hackathon that implements an EmberJS frontend just like this, fed...

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