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Author: Ed Borden

Drone Command and Control System at AT&T IoT Hackathon NYC

Last week, scriptr.io attended the AT&T IoT Hackathon in the East Village in Manhattan, NYC. Held in an old Public City Bathhouse, 36 teams and hundreds of programmers converged to prototype Internet of Things concepts using hardware and services from sponsors IBM Watson, Twilio, Intel Edison, and more. We met the DroneSmith team while there and decided to work together and build some mashups! And so DroneMaster was born out of the whirlwind, a drone command and control system. Read on for more. Happy Saturday Hacking – @IBMIoT @IBMBluemix team is open for mentoring at the AT&T Mobile hackathon...

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Transit Mashups at the New Haven Hackathon

Last weekend, Scriptr.io sponsored the New Haven Hackathon! It was an event produced alongside the New Haven Parking Authority and held on the 2nd floor balcony overlooking New Haven’s historic Union Station, so the apps, data, and hacks were naturally all transit-centric. Why transit in New Haven, you might ask? New Haven is the second most populous city in the state of CT and one of the oldest cities in the country, so it has naturally gone through a lot of changes over the course of its history, and especially in the past few decades. It’s transit system, however,...

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How to Use Keen to Analyze IoT Devices Over Time

This is a repost, originally published for the Keen.io company blog, Radical Transparency. In IoT applications, a common scenario is trying to understand the state of your things over time. For example, you might ask questions like: How long was this parking space unoccupied last week? Which truck in my fleet was in service the longest? How long was this machine in power-saving mode? What are the 5 best and worst performers in this group? If you are only pushing event data to Keen based on the changes in state of the thing (as is the common model for...

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Stream Analytics for Telematics Applications Made Easy

Processing, permutations, event detection, and generation of metadata on in-flight data, or stream processing / stream analytics, is usually where the high-value features of an IoT application are derived. That being said, deploying a service to perform stream analytics is way harder than it has to be on many application platforms. But stream analytics doesn’t have to require a degree in data science or a background in SQL queries — with scriptr.io, you just have to be able to express your objective in Javascript and push “Save”. Read on for some examples from an in-production telematics deployment. My customer...

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Scriptr.io + GE Predix + GE Current = Instant Intelligent Environments

We’re big fans of GE these days, watching intently as they build out their new platform Predix. Over the last 6+ months or so we’ve been following them around the country, hacking on their software, and experimenting with their unique set of data services and the applications they could enable. We see GE Predix + Current as a perfect marriage with the scriptr.io service. GE provides: “Smart-city” actionable data sources Predix infrastructure City relationships Scriptr.io provides: Javascript service layer Predix API wrapper library, instantly deployable Fastest “happy path” to a live application That last bullet is key. I can...

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