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Author: Chris Merck

Smart Rain Gardens for Greener Cities

Why Smart Rain Gardens Rain gardens are natural planted areas populated by native species whose topological design and species selection allows for enhanced water-attenuation efficiency. Rain gardens supplement our existing municipal water management capacity during and after water events through runoff and pollutant capture. In addition, rain gardens also help replenish local aquifers and can also be quite beautiful, enhancing the built environment adjacent to the garden. Rain gardens provide a home for local species of plants and animals to thrive in an otherwise less hospitable built environment. As our communities grow, the quantity of undeveloped land is dwindling,...

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TheThingsNetwork meets scriptr;

To realize the dream of the Internet of Things, we need an ubiquitous IoT data network. While smart dishwashers and smart garage doors can connect via a home’s WiFi network, many IoT devices are out of range of existing wired or WiFi networks. Cellular and satellite networks have excellent coverage, but are costly in terms of airtime fees and power.The Internet of Things demands an outdoor, long-range, and low-power data network solution. Recent developments in LoRaWAN radio technology allows low-power sensors to connect to distant internet gateways over free-to-use radio spectrum. Several competing commercial LoRaWAN providers now exist, or...

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