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Author: Caroline Farage

Blockly 101: Creating a Script

By now you’ve taken a look at scriptr.io, its features and what it can do. Hopefully you’ve read the tutorial for creating your first scriptr.io script. This provides a good primer to creating, testing and using your script from different environments. However you may still feel awkward or ill-prepared to develop script coding on your own. For those who don’t dream in code, the scriptr.io workspace includes the Blockly editor. Using Blockly you can drag and drop discrete coding statements and functions, piecing together your script as you go. This tutorial discusses how to use Blockly to easily create...

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Creating Your First scriptr.io Script

Creating your first script can seem challenging. We’ve created this tutorial to make it much easier. Follow the steps to create your first script and have it running in no time. Create the script When you first log into scriptr.io you’re brought to your workspace which displays a welcome message. The workspace is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) consisting of an editor, console area and the ability to save and run the script. To open up the editor to begin creating your script, click New Script and Script. If you’re a programmer and already well-versed in writing API scripts,...

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June 2016 Update

Import Modules scriptr.io now makes it easier to add additional functions to your library and connect with other modules. We’ve included scripts which connect to other IoT providers and made it easy to add them from the New Script menu. Simply click the import button next to the module name to add it. The result is the functionality you need with a simple click and all the scripts live inside your own scriptr.io library. Xively Connector Xively remote services can now be integrated into your scriptr code. Xively provides the ability to securely and remotely connect devices and manage...

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The Search for Good Documentation

Much like the other great searches in the world (Bigfoot, Amelia Earhart, missing socks in the dryer) people are constantly on the lookout for something else which often proves elusive: good documentation. We know it when we use it, read it, skim it. We know it when it’s presented to us. We also know when the documentation we’re using isn’t in that category; when it leaves us questioning, unable to find the answers we need. In many cases this is the easier experience to define: when the documentation just isn’t cutting it. With that in mind it begs the...

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May 2016 Updates

Chart Editor The Chart Editor allows you to graph your data online, manage the graph and embed the visualization. The chart editor uses Google Charts, creating data visualization from scripts in your library. You can customize the source data and type of chart displayed. The chart editor is context aware and compares the script data against the requested chart type. Once created your graph becomes a scriptr.io endpoint which can be used like any other script. You can also embed the URL or copy the raw HTML for inclusion in a web page. Finite State Machine Editor scriptr.io allows...

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