For this month release, we tackled security & resource access management which are a major concern for IoT applications that is often overlooked. We also added support for powerful native NoSQL persistence that works right out of the box!

Device Directory and Access Control List

We added higher granularity to our Access Control List (ACL) model to offer full control over who/what can access resources.

You start by creating a device from the Device Directory by entering a name and a description, which will generate an associated access token. You have to send the access token with each request to identify the originating device to scriptr. Furthermore, devices can be assembled into one or more groups to make it easy to use them in Access Control Lists.

At the script level, you decide which devices/groups can invoke that end-point by listing them in that script’s associated ACL.

Access Control List


Applications need often to have access to a secure, scalable and reliable database storage. So we decided to make one available right out of the box with your account.

We are introducing the beta release of the document module which is a secure NoSQL style document database that will ultimately support an array of amazing features. The new module provides for now basic CRUD capabilities as described in the documentation. It’s only the first version, stay tuned!