Last weekend, sponsored the Stamford Hackathon, part of the Stamford Tech Week in Connecticut. This was a great fit for us as it was held right after the Northeast Javascript Conference (scriptr <3 Javascript), and so we had a great time surrounded by like-minded lovers of our programming language of choice! Read on to learn about some of the great stuff that came out of the Augmented Reality focus of the event.


Andrew Leung and Alex Long built TrippAR, an app that provides a way to learn about a new area that you’re exploring. TrippAR was built on BlippAR, a mobile app that allows you to train the system to recognize objects (in the demo, the guys used the Stamford iCenter where the event was held), and then overlay content and run scripts. This allowed them to make external requests to to get information about the landmark being looked at, including nearby Points of Interest from Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence API and current prices for an Uber to that location. It was a great way to experiment with an AR frontend and API mashups. Source is here!

AR Bus Viewer

Aliaksandr Tsoi, Roman Presnakov, and Vitaly Kobzev also used BlippAR as a front-end focusing on a commuter scenario. With their demo, BlippAR recognizes a Connecticut DOT sign to trigger a request to with the user’s location. This location is used against a cached bus schedule to give relevant bus routes and times, which are overlayed on the screen. Source is here!


Leveraging to build AR API’s

We spoke a lot at the event about the benefits of disconnecting business logic and data from the front-end. It was interesting during the presentations to see that one of the projects presented was actually a pure JS stack for building AR applications in a browser. Since both of the above projects actually deployed their own API’s, they could have easily ported their functionality into this other front-end. More AR + projects are sure to come!