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Jacques De Kock talks about Soofa and the relationship with scriptr.io

In our third edition of the scriptr.io interviews, we had a delightful discussion with Jacques De Kock Senior Full Stack Engineer at Soofa. We discuss Soofa’s vision & value proposition, the challenges faced prior to the collaboration with scriptr.io and scriptr.io’s benefits. Soofa is a female founded company, launched out of MIT and Harvard in 2014. Soofa is for people with a shared stake in a special place. Soofa creates the neighborhood news feed that connects a community with screens everyone can see and anyone can use. Soofa Signs provide a platform for everyone in the community to have...

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Matthew Rotholz talks about Future Electronics, the IoT market and the relationship with scriptr.io

In our second edition of the scriptr.io interviews, we enjoy a candid discussion with Matthew Rotholz, Future Electronics’ Corporate Vice President responsible for Future Connectivity Solutions. We discuss the company’s history & value proposition, the relationship with scriptr.io, the state of the IoT market & challenges customers are facing and his expectations & predictions for the future. Future Electronics is a major player in IoT and one of the largest global distributors of Electronic Components. Present in 44 countries, FE represents 100s of manufacturers and service providers to tens of thousands of customers. In addition, the company offers a...

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