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Month: November 2020

Integrating Syrus 4 with Scriptr.io

About This tutorial describes how to integrate the Syrus 4G IoT Telematics Gateway to your scriptr.io account to build IoT applications. NOTE: The content has been suggested by DCT Getting Started First, please check the Getting Started section of the Syrus 4G IoT Telematics Gateway documentation Make sure you have created an account on scriptr.io Create an ingestion script on scriptr.io Login to your scriptr.io workspace and paste the below code into a new script that will ingest the data sent by the gateway and persist it scriptr.io’s NoSQL data store: var payload = request.body; var document = require("document");...

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Connecting your Compagno node to scriptr.io

This guide takes you step by step through building an industrial IoT proof of concept with scriptr.io, the multi-sensor wireless edge node evaluation board designed by Future Electronics, and STMicroelectronics’ STWIN SensorTile wireless industrial node development kit. This proof of concept makes use of powerful hardware allowing to you build complex and advanced industrial application, leveraging the power and versatility of scriptr.io for enterprise solutions. This tutorial will show you how to build end to end solutions, from programming the devices all the way to the cloud enterprise software. It uses an HVAC Management application as an example. For...

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Compagno Software Commands

This guide will cover the following PC software commands for the Compagno board software. Table of Content Boot up Sensor Commands co2-read : read CO2 and RH/T Module tvoc-read: read TVOC Sensor gps-read: read GPS coordinates pm-read: read particulate matter sensor Grid Eye commands: grideye-raw-read: Shows the raw data from the sensor. grideye-float-read: Shows the temperature in each point from the sensor. grideye-software: Command for using the Panasonic GUI. NFC Commands nfc-tag-write: NFC write command nfc-read-text: NFC read text command nfc-read-sms: NFC read SMS command Cube MEMS stwin-read-sensors: Command for reading STWIN sensors Cube MIC read-max-mic: Digital and Analog Microphone...

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