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Month: September 2019

Connecting to Azure IoT Hub from scriptr.io

About Azure IoT Hub Azure IoT Hub is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that targets the IoT by providing device registry, data storage, and security services. IoT hub establishes bi-directional communication with connected devices, using different protocols (MQTT, AMQP and HTTP). It also provides a service interface for IoT application development. Prerequisites: In the following we assume that you already have created an Azure IoT Hub account and that you have created at least one device for which you generated an access Key. For more on this topic, kindly refer to the following links: IoT Hub getstarted, Control...

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Matthew Rotholz talks about Future Electronics, the IoT market and the relationship with scriptr.io

In our second edition of the scriptr.io interviews, we enjoy a candid discussion with Matthew Rotholz, Future Electronics’ Corporate Vice President responsible for Future Connectivity Solutions. We discuss the company’s history & value proposition, the relationship with scriptr.io, the state of the IoT market & challenges customers are facing and his expectations & predictions for the future. Future Electronics is a major player in IoT and one of the largest global distributors of Electronic Components. Present in 44 countries, FE represents 100s of manufacturers and service providers to tens of thousands of customers. In addition, the company offers a...

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