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Month: December 2018

Getting Started with the Nebula 2.0, IBM Watson IoT and Scriptr.io

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to setup an IoT Smart Kitchen application on scriptr.io using a Nebula 2.0 board. The Nebula board can be installed on a kitchen appliance and, equipped with the Weather click board by MikroElektronika, it will detect humidity, pressure, and temperature, and send the readings to scriptr.io by going through the IBM Watson IoT DMP (Data Management Platform). You can also watch the video tutorial to make sure you don’t miss any step: https://youtu.be/klr0l6FeOB8 Prerequisites Hardware Nebula 2.0: make sure you connect your Nebula board to your PC using the USB cable before you start. This is needed to install the nebula20-watson app on it using WICED Studio....

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Use MQTT to communicate with your Airvantage devices from scriptr.io

About AirVantage AirVantage is a very interesting IoT platform from Sierra Wireless. Among the features it exposes, we notably find device management; monitoring and alerts; and data storage capabilities. The platform seamlessly integrates with Sierra devices (gateways and routers) and uses MQTT for communicating with third party hardware. Last but not least, AirVantage also exposes most of its features through an extensive REST API, part of which we wrapped into a connector, described in a dedicated post in this blog. In the current article, we explain how to use our connector and scriptr.io’s bridges to communicate with your AirVantage...

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