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Month: December 2017

Configuring a MultiTech Gateway to Push Data to AWS IoT

Overview The purpose of this tutorial is to shovel the data arriving to the MultiTech Conduit LoRa gateway to an AWS IoT channel for scriptr.io users who want to use AWS as data source and for device management. Assumptions The following assumes that you already know how to configure the Conduit as a LoRa network server and how to configure the LoRa Mote to join the Conduit’s network and issue periodic messages containing the sensors’ readings (temperature and ambient light). For more info about how to do the previous steps, you can refer to our previous blog entry which will walk...

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Connecting the MultiTech Conduit to Scriptr.io

The MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit™ is a programmable gateway for industrial IoT applications, supporting the LoRaWAN technology. This guide demonstrates how to publish messages from the MultiConnect® Conduit™ to scriptr.io, either directly, or through your existing DMP (Data Management Platform). The connection between the MultiConnect® Conduit™ and scriptr.io is as simple as forwarding the data from the gateway’s internal MQTT broker to scriptr.io’s MQTT broker. And if you already have assets running on different DMPs such as Watson/Azure/AWS/TTN/Orbiwise/etc., and you need your data to go through them before reaching your logic on scriptr.io, this guides shows you how to modify the recipe to accommodate for that. Note: scriptr.io exposes endpoints with multiple protocols (HTTP, WebSocket, MQTT,...

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Publish/subscribe with scriptr.io

About the Publish/Subscribe model Publish/subscribe is a well known communication pattern where a sender (called a publisher) broadcasts messages to multiple receivers that declared their interest in the type of messages sent by the publisher (hence they are called subscribers). Messages are usually published to and consumed from a topic to which the receivers are subscribed. Resorting to publish/subscribe allows you to adopt an event-based programming style, and brings some advantages to your design, mainly decoupling (publisher and subscriber do not have to be online at the same time) and scalability, to some extent. The core artefact to use...

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