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Month: March 2017

Monitoring Air Quality using Foobot and scriptr.io

Foobot is a smart air quality sensor that can monitor the levels of various toxic compounds in the environment, as well as other data such as temperature and humidity. All the data it collects gets automatically uploaded to the cloud where it’s available through their API. I used scriptr.io’s Google charts feature to create a live chart that shows the data collected by my Foobot in the past 24 hours. Let’s take a look at how I designed it. An API key is required to use their API, so I stored mine in a scriptr.io file at foobot/config so that...

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GitHub Deployment with ChatOps

ChatOps is a term that refers to conversation-driven development. What that means is the ability to perform development tasks such as deployments from a chatting window by interacting with a chat bot to interpret and orchestrate such commands for you. In this tutorial, we are going to demonstrate how to implement GitHub deployments in scriptr.io using the open source Hubot chat bot. Prerequisites Install Hubot Install the GTalk adapter for Hubot from https://github.com/atmos/hubot-gtalk Install the Hubot GitHub deployments module from hubot-github-deployments Hubot Hubot is an internal automation assistant developed by GitHub. Although it only comes with a few functions out of...

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