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Month: February 2017

Develop Imp Application Models

About ELECTRIC IMP Electric Imp provides a powerful Internet of Things platform that securely connects devices with cloud computing resources. Their solution consolidates a system of fully integrated hardware, OS, security, APIs and cloud services. Their platform enables innovative commercial and industrial applications and empowers manufacturers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users. Electric Imp provides developers with a set of Imp APIs as well as build APIs. Imp APIs are a set of classes and global objects accessible from the device and agent code on the Imp Platform. It allows programing the...

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January 2017 Updates

Our first release of scriptr.io’s updates for 2017 is a big one, bringing you major additions to the platform, a status page and a number of new connectors. Device, User, Group & Token Management APIs We have complemented your current ability to manage devices, users and their tokens from the IDE with the ability to manage them using your own scripts. To do so, use the newly released device and user modules that provide you with CRUD operations, in addition to token management functions. For more flexibility in managing access rights to your resources, we also introduced the group module for organizing your...

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