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Month: January 2017

Smart city app, using loRaWAN, Orbiwise and scriptr.io

LPWAN IoT applications Many IoT scenarios, such as smart city applications, involve multiple autonomous devices that fulfill specific tasks, such as monitoring noise levels, air quality, light, traffic, etc. These devices typically operate in LPWAN configurations (Low Power Wide Area Networks) with limited capabilities, and no access to power sources. As a consequence, the life-time of their battery, their power consumption as well as the network coverage and capabilities are main criteria to consider in the technical choices made when designing the related IoT applications; starting with the choice of an adequate network protocol and infrastructure. LoRaWAN is one...

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Facilitating M2M service delivery with Airvantage

About Airvantage Airvantage is a cloud-based solution offered by Sierra Wireless to facilitate the M2M service delivery, making use of its M2M management application and its Airvantage Enterprise Platform for collecting, sharing, and the integration of machine data using API standards. Airvantage M2M management application allows the manipulation of the data in a service that provides all the data shared, illustrated in charts and lists. Scriptr.io-Airvantage Connector We thought that beside collecting and sharing Airvantage data, Airvantage users would be interested in analyzing and interpreting the data read and set to the their cloud. Scriptr.io can allow the execution...

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