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Month: December 2016

Augment iHealth’s API with scriptr.io

Connected health devices to reduce health-care costs Multiple studies conducted by the Worlwide Health Organisation (WHO) show that the cost of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems, obesity and diabetes represents around 60% of total health care costs. Same studies also show that most of these diseases are due to an unhealthy life-style, such as lack of physical activity, unbalanced diet, smoking, etc. In addition, many costly treatments are the result of late detection and handling of problems, because of the lack of feedback on patients’ condition. In that context, the proliferation of health-related devices for the end consumer...

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Season’s Dweeting

About dweet.io Dweet.io is a nice service that allows devices to communicate through messages sent using simple HTTP requests. Dweet.io also allows for the creation of alerts, based on simple JavaScript expressions that are evaluated against the content of the messages that are sent/received. Using dweet.io from scriptr.io Dweet.io’s simplicity makes it a good tool to implement simple IoT applications and to easily establish communication among HTTP-enabled devices and services. However, as soon as your requirements evolve with the addition of more complicated features, such as transforming your data and/or persisting it or orchestrating the execution of services and...

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Smart Rain Gardens for Greener Cities

Why Smart Rain Gardens Rain gardens are natural planted areas populated by native species whose topological design and species selection allows for enhanced water-attenuation efficiency. Rain gardens supplement our existing municipal water management capacity during and after water events through runoff and pollutant capture. In addition, rain gardens also help replenish local aquifers and can also be quite beautiful, enhancing the built environment adjacent to the garden. Rain gardens provide a home for local species of plants and animals to thrive in an otherwise less hospitable built environment. As our communities grow, the quantity of undeveloped land is dwindling,...

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Drone Command and Control System at AT&T IoT Hackathon NYC

Last week, scriptr.io attended the AT&T IoT Hackathon in the East Village in Manhattan, NYC. Held in an old Public City Bathhouse, 36 teams and hundreds of programmers converged to prototype Internet of Things concepts using hardware and services from sponsors IBM Watson, Twilio, Intel Edison, and more. We met the DroneSmith team while there and decided to work together and build some mashups! And so DroneMaster was born out of the whirlwind, a drone command and control system. Read on for more. Happy Saturday Hacking – @IBMIoT @IBMBluemix team is open for mentoring at the AT&T Mobile hackathon...

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