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Month: October 2016

How to Use Keen to Analyze IoT Devices Over Time

This is a repost, originally published for the Keen.io company blog, Radical Transparency. In IoT applications, a common scenario is trying to understand the state of your things over time. For example, you might ask questions like: How long was this parking space unoccupied last week? Which truck in my fleet was in service the longest? How long was this machine in power-saving mode? What are the 5 best and worst performers in this group? If you are only pushing event data to Keen based on the changes in state of the thing (as is the common model for...

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Collaborative IoT Agents Using scriptr.io

From Orchestration to more Collaboration With the advent of IoT, the Internet has moved to a model where devices connect to other devices, applications or services, in order to implement new types of applications and business processes. However, most of the devices currently used as part of IoT solutions have rather limited capabilities, seeking a balance between price, performance and power consumption. As a consequence, the main part of the – computing intensive – logic that defines IoT applications is implemented and executed today on IoT cloud-based platforms, such as scriptr.io, which provide the required software and hardware infrastructure....

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Scriptr.io and Critical Minds Advisory Announce Partnership to Connect IoT Data to Enterprise Applications

Scriptr.io, an IoT (Internet of Things) application development platform company, announced a partnership with Critical Minds Advisory, LLC, (Critical Minds) a leading enterprise technology consulting firm that offers enterprise integration and development services to a broad range of clients. Together, Critical Minds and scriptr.io are helping to accelerate IoT adoption in the market, bringing unique applications opportunities to the enterprise faster and easier than ever before. “Scriptr.io is very efficient at handling the interactions with IoT device platforms through its many connectors and protocol bridges, and also at facilitating the implementation of the IoT data transformation and structuring processes...

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IoT platforms to support Closed Loop PLM

About Product Life-Cycle Management Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the life-cycle of a product, starting from its inception to the product design and manufacturing, product use and maintenance, ending with the product decommissioning and recycling. PLM and PLM systems are meant to control the information and activity flow from the beginning of the product’s life to it’s end. PLM’s objectives are to transform any information that is collected at the various stages into knowledge, so it can be used to improve the quality, efficiency and the sustainability of a product and the services that related...

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