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Month: July 2016

Lifeline, powered by scriptr.io, wins 1st place at AT&T Hackathon

On the weekend of July 15th, AT&T held their immersive tech expo, Shape, providing a rich experience filled with fun inspiring inventions and notable speakers discussing the future of tech. It was held at historic AT&T Park and drew thousands to see the future of VR, IOT, and more. AT&T also demonstrated their exciting new technologies such as AT&T Drive, a set of smart controls for your car, AT&T Digital Life, a way to control your home from your smart device, and AT&T M2X, their state of the art data management system for IOT. Co-located at Shape, AT&T held a hackathon aimed...

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July 2016 Update

Great News! In this release we’re bringing you several features to enable UI development in your scriptr.io web based IDE. You now have a powerful way to visually present the data collected from your devices. A new major addition is a file editor which supports multiple file types, including HTML, CSS, JS and text, which are the basic components of developing web interfaces. So you can now serve dynamic web pages complete with your own custom styling. These pages can be enabled to run on any browser. To create a new file, click on the New Script button at the bottom of the tree. Select File, then pick...

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