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Month: June 2016

Extending Node-RED with powerful scripting

Node-RED is a visual code editor for “wiring the Internet of Things” “Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.”   Node-Red is also the preferred web service wiring tool for IBM® Watson™ IoT Platform and IBM Bluemix®.  Node-Red is also used at the edge in the Multitech AEP MultiConnect® Conduit™ gateway, see an interesting example here. If you haven’t played with Node-RED yet, we recommend you give it a try. Node-RED is great at wiring services together but in many cases you will want to quickly do data transforms, apply complex business rules,...

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Using Finite State Machines to build IoT Applications

About finite state machines Finite state machines are a convenient means to model and implement the behavior of many physical or logical objects. Good candidates are processes (workflows), communication protocols and more generally, any situation where executing an action is bound to the occurrence of an event, as in the case of embedded systems and devices used in IoT solutions. Resorting to finite state machines to implement these cases can save you a lot of time and also brings more flexibility into your design: you can add new conditions and corresponding actions by simply adding new states and transitions to...

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June 2016 Update

Import Modules scriptr.io now makes it easier to add additional functions to your library and connect with other modules. We’ve included scripts which connect to other IoT providers and made it easy to add them from the New Script menu. Simply click the import button next to the module name to add it. The result is the functionality you need with a simple click and all the scripts live inside your own scriptr.io library. Xively Connector Xively remote services can now be integrated into your scriptr code. Xively provides the ability to securely and remotely connect devices and manage...

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The Search for Good Documentation

Much like the other great searches in the world (Bigfoot, Amelia Earhart, missing socks in the dryer) people are constantly on the lookout for something else which often proves elusive: good documentation. We know it when we use it, read it, skim it. We know it when it’s presented to us. We also know when the documentation we’re using isn’t in that category; when it leaves us questioning, unable to find the answers we need. In many cases this is the easier experience to define: when the documentation just isn’t cutting it. With that in mind it begs the...

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Using scriptr.io to Cache Third-Party Data and Refresh on Demand

Does your application make use of third-party datasets that augment your own information or services? In many cases, those third-party datasets come from API’s that aren’t real-time or are expensive to access. Using scriptr.io integrated storage and scheduler, we can build a system that caches that data and automatically refreshes it on a set interval. Read on for an example that utilizes NYC’s Open Data to illustrate. NYC’s Open Data is an initiative by NYC to make as much data publicly accessible as possible to power “smart city” applications. There are 1300+ datasets available, in various formats and ranges....

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