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Month: June 2016

Adding scriptr.io scripting to Node-RED running on IBM Bluemix®

In a previous post we discussed how cool Node-RED was and how to use its visual programming to map out scriptr.io scripts. Now we want to take it further:  adding scriptr.io scripting to IBM Bluemix® Node-RED. Step by step process to install a new node on Node-RED in IBM Bluemix® A wizard will walk you through the quick and easy process. Let’s start by creating a Node-RED app on Bluemix Assuming you’ve already registered and are logged in to Bluemix, head to the console and create a new CloudFoundry App.  Bluemix will now walk you through a step by step wizard where you will select...

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Blockly 101: Creating a Script

By now you’ve taken a look at scriptr.io, its features and what it can do. Hopefully you’ve read the tutorial for creating your first scriptr.io script. This provides a good primer to creating, testing and using your script from different environments. However you may still feel awkward or ill-prepared to develop script coding on your own. For those who don’t dream in code, the scriptr.io workspace includes the Blockly editor. Using Blockly you can drag and drop discrete coding statements and functions, piecing together your script as you go. This tutorial discusses how to use Blockly to easily create...

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Creating Your First scriptr.io Script

Creating your first script can seem challenging. We’ve created this tutorial to make it much easier. Follow the steps to create your first script and have it running in no time. Create the script When you first log into scriptr.io you’re brought to your workspace which displays a welcome message. The workspace is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) consisting of an editor, console area and the ability to save and run the script. To open up the editor to begin creating your script, click New Script and Script. If you’re a programmer and already well-versed in writing API scripts,...

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Build connected cars apps with Xee and scriptr.io

OBD’s Opportunities On Board Diagnostic (OBD) is about plugin-in or embarking a device into a vehicle and using it to retrieve data (status) from it. This useful technology has been used for quite a time to diagnose problems with cars. Connecting these devices to the internet pushes their usefulness further, by enabling remote and real-time diagnostic of vehicles, turning them into connected entities. This capability opens up a lot of opportunities, such as implementing pay-as-you-drive models (e.g. insurance companies can create premiums that are tailored to the way you drive), improving fleet management (e.g. proactive – “lean” – maintenance of...

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Connect your IoT Data to Enterprise Applications

Why Enterprise Applications Need IoT Data? IoT Data + Enterprise Applications = Business Opportunities New applications derived from IoT data creates opportunities to any industry because of the actionable information it offers, notably in the way companies can better manage their processes and improve decision making. Thanks to the valuable information derived from the IoT data, companies can increase the quality and efficiency of their business processes, such as their manufacturing processes and customer services. IoT starts with installing sensors into products and connecting the products to the internet, companies can then determine when these products need service, maintenance and are coming to the end of their life-cycle. Beyond this basic...

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