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Month: May 2016

Connect to Firebase Real-time Storage from scriptr.io

Firebase recently got a huge upgrade from Google, with a slew of new services and tighter integration into the overall Google ecosystem. I’ve been a big fan of Firebase for years, specifically since they have a really nice integration with EmberJS via Emberfire. This lets you streamline frontend development in a huge way since Firebase’s storage syncs automatically to the client data model with essentially no boilerplate code — it’s all there in the client libraries for you. Boom. I recently blogged about an application from the IoT World Hackathon that implements an EmberJS frontend just like this, fed...

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Scriptr-powered app wins runner up at IoT World 2016 Hackathon

The IoT World Conference, which ran from May 10-12 in Santa Clara, was a full-on scriptr-fest! At our own booth we were demoing an integration with the Lorauino from our partner Gimasi. At other booths on the floor, our partners Multitech and Stream Technologies were showing another demo we developed demonstrating how scriptr.io facilitates the monitoring and management of live LoRa sensors. Tom Gilley sat on a panel talking IoT security while I (@edborden) participated in the IoT for Cities Hackathon. The IoT for Cities Hackathon had some great anchor sponsorships from GE and Pitney Bowes, with the mandate to...

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Create Dashboards in a Snap

Purpose of This Post In this post we introduce you to two very cool features of scriptr.io: Native support for Google charts, Support for sub-domains. Using the first feature you can generate any type of chart based on data structures returned by your scripts and serve them either as HTML pages, embedded constructs or links. This provides you with the capability to build very sophisticated dashboards in a snap. The sub-domain feature is the capability to expose your scriptr.io APIs and charts using a domain name prefix of your choice, e.g. https:// mydashboard.scriptrapps.io. This allows you to have your...

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scriptr.io and Stream Technologies enter into a Commercial Agreement for Delivering End to End IoT/M2M Solutions

scriptr.io and Stream Technologies have entered into a commercial agreement to combine the capability of the IoT-X connectivity enablement & billing platform with scriptr.io IoT application platform to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to develop, deploy and support complete solutions in the fast expanding IoT/M2M market. Nigel Chadwick, Stream’s CEO commented, “The capabilities vested in the respective teams of scriptr.io and Stream are a game changer. The full integration of our platforms results in a unique end to end solution offering to the increasing number enterprise clients seeking services to enable their own scaling and acceleration of...

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May 2016 Updates

Chart Editor The Chart Editor allows you to graph your data online, manage the graph and embed the visualization. The chart editor uses Google Charts, creating data visualization from scripts in your library. You can customize the source data and type of chart displayed. The chart editor is context aware and compares the script data against the requested chart type. Once created your graph becomes a scriptr.io endpoint which can be used like any other script. You can also embed the URL or copy the raw HTML for inclusion in a web page. Finite State Machine Editor scriptr.io allows...

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