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Month: March 2016

Enhance IFTTT capabilities with scriptr.io

As you might already know, IFTTT is an easy online tool that allows people with no specific tech skills to create rules (called “recipes”), which connect an event stemming from a service (e.g email) to an action executed by another service (e.g. twitter). Service providers are called channels and you can only create rules from available channels. The beauty and the success of IFTTT lie in its simplicity. However, this is also one of its weaknesses: recipes are often too simple and cannot do much more than trigger a single action, which does not cater to many real-life situations....

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Importing scripts from GitHub

As you might already know, we provide many connectors to IoT devices and APIs on the market. These connectors are available in our public GitHub repository. If you are not yet familiar with scriptr.io, you might be interested in reading this short tutorial that explains how to import scripts from a Github repo into your scriptr.io account. Import the code to your scriptr.io workspace In order to import script.io scripts from GitHub to your workspace, you need to connect to GitHub as scriptrdotio. From the the scriptr.io workspace, click on your username (top left corner of the screen) then...

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