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Month: February 2016

February 2016 Updates

GitHub Compare Editor This February we released a great new feature for improving your GitHub experience – the compare editor! It allows you to view your script’s working copy and its GitHub version side by side, highlighting the differences in both, and giving you the option to merge them one by one. And this is just the start! Our team is currently working on a set of cool new editors that will be released over the next couple of months. New Connectors We have also introduced new connectors to Keen.io, Initial State, and Xee to simplify accessing their API’s...

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Leveraging Initial State for your IoT analytics

IoT applications involve the collaboration and orchestration of many – different – devices, many of which produce a large amount of data stemming from the sensors they ship with. In most cases, these data have a vital importance for the organization that is running the IoT application: Data can be used to build dashboards to monitor the behavior of the concerned devices or to monitor the environment where the devices are operating, allowing for the identification of potential glitches and reacting accordingly, Running analyses on the available historical data can lead to the identification of event patterns and to...

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Introducing websockets and pub/sub communication

In this tutorial we’re going to create a “live” chat client. For this, we’re going to use: WebSocket connections to avoid frequent / long polling. Publish / subscribe for communication, publishing either from the browser or using a script to transform / translate the messages first. This means that we’re going to have two chat clients (two WebSocket connections), one will have its messages pushed to it as-is, while the second will see its messages translated into French before being pushed. Those clients will either listen to the “chat” or to the “chat-translated” channel. Chat Channel Send Translate Channel...

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