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Month: September 2015

Remote control your littlebits prototype with scriptr.io

If you need to simply make a prototype of an IoT solution that combines hardware and software, then you have landed on the right place. This post is about combining the benefits of using both littlebits and scriptr.io to build your own IoT application, through this easy step by step tutorial. In this tutorial, we will implement a simple scriptr.io application that remotely turns on and off a led light that is part of a simple littlebits circuit. Download the complete source code. Components Our application has a hardware side – the electronic circuit made of littlebits components –...

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Building IoT prototypes can be fun

The age of makers When I was 10, I was fascinated by electronics and robotics. I remember dismantling my old electro-mechanical toys in order to reuse some of their parts, and combining them to Lego blocks to build my own prototypes. Unfortunately, this was mainly basic tinkering that never really lead to something working. I think that one of the main obstacles to this was that, understanding as well as manipulating electronic components, was quite complicated for kids, even when resorting to dedicated electronic kits (such as “Science Fair electronic project kits”). This was a long time ago and since,...

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Welcoming Sophie, our own voice activated personal assistant

Sophie will be able to listen to your voice commands, execute them and give you back an oral reply! For this, we’re going to use a beagleboard (black in this case) a usb sound card, a microphone and a set of speakers. Step 1: Login to your wit.ai account (this is an easy step, you can simply login using your github credentials). There, you will need to create your first app (i’m calling my assistant Sophie) and a set of intents. For this version, I’m only expecting Sophie to respond to wiki and weather queries so you will need...

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