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Month: July 2015

Get insights on your Nest devices’ data

About this tutorial Nest’s smart thermostats are self learning devices: they remember your preferences and settings and use them to build a personalized schedule, so you do not have to program it yourself. On another hand, these thermostats are not very talkative when it comes to their historical data (e.g. recorded temperature and humidity levels). To obtain the latter the end user can either wait for the Nest Home Report, which is more geared toward consumption facts, or go through the APIs (which is not really an option for a non programmer). In the remainder of this tutorial, we...

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Implement apps with Carvoyant and scriptr.io: getting started

About this tutorial The scriptr.io team has implemented a connector to simplify and streamline the way developers access Carvoyant’s APIs from scriptr.io. Using a few native objects, developers can directly access cars’ data from within their scripts and thus, create sophisticated IoT applications and processes around connected vehicles. In this tutorial, you will learn how to sign-up to scriptr.io (if not already done) and write your first script to get familiar with the web IDE. Once this is done, we will see how to check-out the carvoyant connector from Github into your scriptr.io workspace then we will start implementing...

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July Updates

We went full on social with our latest release! We recently integrated Social Media into our platform that allows you to: Perform any action to Twitter from tweeting to retrieving a user’s home timeline through a simple script. Send messages on your or others timeline, post comments, like, or execute any Facebook command you wish to do. We couldn’t just leave Blockly behind. So now you can also perform the mentioned commands on Twitter and Facebook using blockly. In addition to blockly’s new Social Media integration, we added some new blocks for you to tinker with as well as enhancing our existing blocks and making...

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Connected vehicles with Carvoyant and scriptr.io

If you are looking forward to implement the next great IoT application for connected vehicles, Carvoyant and scriptr.io have what you need. Carvoyant is a connected car platform that allows applications to be built around connected cars without being concerned as to how the car is connected. Carvoyant focuses exclusively on a connected car API that allows developers to retrieve data collected by a Carvoyant device, simply plugged into cars. Applications built using Carvoyant can be accessed by other drivers to broaden distribution and extract the maximum value of the data flow. At scriptr.io, we really like what Carvoyant...

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Joining Forces with MODE

What is MODE Designed to help developers and arising brands delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, MODE is a cloud platform that offers the essential IoT functions such as: connecting mobile applications with hardware devices in real time. The platform provides an intuitive cloud API for devices, mobile clients and server-side applications. Particularly on that latter aspect, MODE exposes a web-hook based mechanism – to allow developers to easily integrate with the back-end logic of their applications (“Smart Modules”).   Collaborating with scriptr.io Though MODE handles part of the needed services, such as user and device management and secure real-time access control...

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