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Month: June 2015

Smart home with Nest and scriptr.io

A smart home The difference between a Connected Home and a Smart home resides in the “smart” part. A smart home does not only contain connected and remote controlled devices. It is a home where devices can: Learn from their environment to adapt their “behavior”, Delegate decision making to sophisticated back-end logic that can leverage historical data, provide processing capacity and execute workflows, resulting in improved user experience. With its series of smart devices (smart thermostat, smoke detector and recently, home camera), Nest is targeting the first of the aforementioned points. scriptr.io, provides you with the second part and,...

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Voice control your apps

Vocal user interfaces There are many cases where an end user needs to send vocal instructions to a device because he cannot use his hands: when driving, when holding something or because the environment he is working in prevents him to use them (e.g. surgery room to avoid contamination). At scriptr.io, we believe that the near future should see more and more importance given to vocal interfaces, as a complement to the current tactile ones, so we decided to provide you with everything you need to “voice-control enable” your IoT apps built with scriptr.io! scriptr.io’s connector to wit.ai wit.ai knows how...

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Not a programmer? No problem

Simplicity is the one principle behind Scriptr’s design that is the dearest to our hearts. We tried enforcing it everywhere from user interface to product architecture and everything in between. We are also on the lookout for opportunities to make web-services API creation simpler and more efficient to use. We worked on a number of experimental features, most of which are still in-house curiosities and picked a handful to start releasing into the product. With the Scriptr Blocky release, we are giving non-coders the ability to “assemble” a sequence of pre-canned statements or actions on a blank canvas like a puzzle, press the save button, and have that turn...

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