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Month: March 2015

SXSW 2015 Recap

Each year Austin, Texas hosts the SXSW Interactive trade show which gathers the brightest minds, up-and-coming technologies, and industry leaders to showcase and share their creative technology ideas. This year we had the great pleasure of being invited to share a booth with Kinoma create  to launch our new scripting engine, scriptr.io, and share our new idea with the world. The Kinoma create is gaining notoriety quickly. It’s a pro‑developer experience that integrates hardware, software, and tools conceived expressly to be powerful, approachable, and fast. 3 Days of Demos scriptr.io was demoed for 3 days to a great number of people. Everyone was able to...

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scriptr.io Features

Kick Starting scriptr.io with great features! This is the first set of features to get your scripts up and running with scriptr.io. GitHub Integration scriptr.io allows you to back up, version, and import projects from your workspace by linking your scriptr.io account to your GitHub repository. Logging To facilitate debugging remote calls from hardware, scriptr.io provides an automatic log of all requests, showing how the request got received (parameters, headers, etc.) and the returned response. In addition, the developer can provide custom logs which can either be consulted using the provided custom tailored log viewer or by downloading and parsing using...

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scriptr.io Attending SXSW 2015

We are launching our new platform at SXSW Join us on March 15 through March 18, 2015 at the SXSW Interactive where we will be launching scriptr.io. You can find us at the Kinoma booth #2o1. We are very excited to be attending the SXSW and launching our platform to a great number of tech enthusiasts, developers, and makers. scriptr.io is an elegant and powerful scripting engine that combines the scalability of the cloud with the simplicity of JavaScript. It allows developers and makers to connect their devices to the internet rapidly and build their projects without all the usual hassles...

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Weather Machine

With limited memory on the arduino (and other devices), scriptr.io will be responsible of connecting to third party APIs, using complex authentication schemes like oauth, passing authentication headers, doing math… It also allows updating the logic without having to update the firmware on the devices. Features Shows the current temperature based on a remote API Shows the current sky state based on a remote API Switches between temperature or sky states based on position of device (straight or upside down) Has all logic calculated in scriptr.io (contacting weather apis, mapping temperature and sky states to servo rotation degrees, .....

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Hello Device!

IoT devices are usually constrained with limited processing capability and memory making it impossible to code complex integrations and business logic inside the device. These tasks are typically delegated to back-end servers and exposed to the device via API. Centralizing code provides another important advantage, as it can be updated as frequently as needed without having to touch any of the deployed devices, making maintenance, bug fixing and product software updates much cheaper. Building the back-end from scratch and having to maintain the plethora of components (application, database, messaging etc.) and to manage the lifecycle (deployments, scaling, backup, upgrades...

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